5 ways buying Instagram followers will help your brand grow

Running a  business in whichever field requires both creativity and hard work if you are to survive the stiff competition in the world today. Your business might have been in stagnation for some time and maybe you are wondering how you can breathe life into it without having to spend a huge chunk of money in marketing campaigns. Well, maybe you should try out marketing on Instagram by buying Instagram followers and see what you have been missing out.


Since the year 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram, it has changed a lot from the pictures and video fan base it used to be to a new vibrant hub where businesses and organizations have a chance to interact with a larger audience.


Recently, Instagram made an announcement that it will soon open its feed to advertisers and commence testing a “shop now” button which will allow Instagram users to click and purchase an advertised product. This means businesses with a huge following would have a new avenue to make more money with the increased sales.


A large following means new leads to your brand every day, a stronger community for your brand hence giving your business boost that will move it to another level.


Here are some ways to increase your following on Instagram. Read on:


Create great content

Despite evolving much over the years, Instagram still remains a social site where people enjoy inspiration from great content, whether it’s in the form of photos or videos. There are limitless ways that you can captivate your audience with your content. Business organizations that have mastered this art have earned awesomely from their effort.


For instance, the national geographic which is a successful historic magazine has managed to gunner a staggering 90 million following. The big question that we are going to answer is how did they do it?


for one, the magazine has perfected its content creation by hiring the best photographers in the world, this has made their photographs of the landscape, city scape or the surrounding environment, in general, to be always breathtaking. On top of the stunning visuals, they have developed a creative culture of drafting compelling narratives about the photos or videos typically in a way that creates awareness about their brand. In return of this brilliance, the magazine enjoys a hefty following.


Though you may not have gained such a popularity as the national geographic magazine has but you have a chance to attract a substantial following. The secret is to kick-start your campaign in a move that will ensure you get noticed easily. One of these moves is buying Instagram followers. The newly acquired followers make your account seem popular, hence attracting more people who will take an interest in your content and follow you.


Post content regularly


The only way that your audience will notice your presence is if you post content regularly. Ensure that you post at least one photo a day or a video. Successful accounts are known to post several times a day.


A great example is the Real Madrid football club. We all know it’s a successful club but I bet you didn’t know that it also enjoys quite a following of about 60 million on Instagram.


You may be fast to suggest that it’s expected of it since it’s a popular football club but there is something more with their Instagram marketing strategy than just depending on their popularity. The high engagement rate comes from the clubs habit of posing regularly well-crafted highlights about the clubs activities including scores, transactions and even players on the pit and off the pit.

The regular posts have eliminated the barriers between fans and players has earned the club the huge following. It’s a strategy that makes fans feel like they are part of the club and know the players personally.

This is a strategy that has been proven to earn more loyal relationship between followers and firms. But again the conversation drives back to what you are willing to do to achieve such kind of visibility. When you buy Instagram followers, you are able to gain the attention of a bigger audience which will earn you more followers.


Think of Instagram marketing campaign as an investment which you will expect returns from. When you buy followers, you invest your money which will earn you followers and eventually new customers. It’s always advisable that you find an expert to manage the Instagram account for you. Someone who understands what it requires to create interest towards your account.


Use the right hashtags


Using the right hashtags increases the chances of your content being seen by a larger audience by a bigger percentage.

A great example of a success story is the NIKE company. their bold use of hashtags on their captions makes it easy for their content to get exposed to a larger targeted audience.


How does this happen? One thing you should understand is that the amount of traffic on Instagram is incredible. There are approximately 150 million new photos and videos shared every day. So to ensure that your content gets noticed by the right audience, the hashtag does the trick.

The choice of words to use as your hashtags should be carefully chosen. Do a research and see the most widely used hashtags in your niche. This will go a long way in improving your brand visibility and earning you new leads. You can reinforce these strategies when you buy Instagram followers to ensure your brand visibility is at its best for the target audience to notice it.


Boost the count of your followers


If you are starting out or you just want to give your account a boost to generate more engagement you should consider buying Instagram follower.


A large following is what counts on Instagram. It’s what determines your credibility and influence. According to statistics, accounts with at least 1000 followers is likely to attract a following at a rate of 60%, while accounts with over 10,000 followers are likely to attract a following at a rate of 85%.

This shows how important it is for you to buy Instagram followers, the statistics show that a large following directly correlates with the rate at which you can gain organic followers. Besides, the amount used to buy Instagram followers is a small fraction compared to the benefits attained from the newly acquired leads.


The tips described above are a masterpiece that can get your account going from an unnoticed account up to appoint where your posts will be going viral. It’s up to you to find out what works best for your business and then apply.


When buying Instagram followers, be keen not to fall into the wrong hand of people who sell fake followers. Ensure that you buy from a credible seller who will offer you high-quality followers that are real and helpful in getting a targeted audience.


Doing a personal research is always good but you can also contact social media marketers that you know and they be able to recommend someone for you. It’s unfortunate investing your money only to get frustrated by discovering that whatever you paid for is not what you are getting. So take your time to ensure that your Instagram marketing plan earns you the expected returns.