Tips to consider when starting a reseller panel business

Despite web hosting business being a lucrative venture, hundreds of new comers get frustrated soon after starting and end up closing shop even before one year into the business is over. The Chances of succeeding are high, but only if you have the right information on what is required in order to succeed in this business.

Here are tips researched from successful web hosting firms to help you start a viable and profitable reseller panel business that would stand the test of time.           

Consider your experience level

As much as you don’t need to be an expert in matters to do with web hosting, your previous experience can be your point of strength. Ask yourself “why are you interested in venturing into reseller panel business?” Are you a skilled salesperson with a good track record of selling products to customers? Do you have some knowledge in the specifics of server management or anything related? This initial knowledge is vital in deciding where to start from.


If you know a thing or two about server management, you can opt for a dedicated server or VPS and start your reseller panel business right on.


Similarly, if you have a slight idea about web hosting though not enough to manage a server, you can use panel for reseller tool, which is basically designed to assist you; support your customers, set your own business logo as well as set your billing system to help you charge your clients. It’s basically easy to navigate so you don’t have to worry about expertise.


If you don’t have any experience related to the above, a regular reseller panel account will be the option for you. Either way, you need to have good marketing plan that will help you gain more customers.

Consider your budget

To build a successful reseller business your budget plays a great role in determining it. The initial stages during setting up of the business can be tough. Setting aside enough capital to sustain you a few months into the business will help you limit chances of failure. It’s a way of planning for the best but prepared for the worst. This is because your first sale may come after some months and you need to be prepared for that.

Conduct a thorough market research

Startup businesses have a great potential of succeeding and at the same time they can crumble going down with your investment. To avoid this pitfall it would be wiser conducting a market research and find out what customers are looking for in a web-hosting provider.

Your business should always be driven by the need to satisfy the needs of a customer. Running a simple Google search on the top 5-15 web hosting companies should be a good place to start. Observe how they do business. Their charges, customer support system, as well as the type of customers they serve.


This will give your marketing strategy a better edge. You will know how to target your customers based on their needs as well as offer attractive deals that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of Becoming a Reseller Panel Reseller

Reseller panel hosting is the type of hosting service that allows you to purchase a plan for reseller hosting and to resell to other clients.  This is a good service as it allows you to purchase a plan and to resell as per your own costing. Once you purchase or sign up for the reseller service you will be able to run your business using hosting packages that are customized and that are under your unique brand name. Some of the benefits to be gained include;

The service allows you to create value and that’s earn a profit.  Thepanel for reseller service allows you to create an account with the provider for the hosting services.  The hosting provider cells to you the server space and the bandwidth at a low cost as you are buying in bulk.   As the reseller you will then be able to divide the package into smaller packages for resell in the form of a retailer service.  Your clients are thus able to enjoy retail value.  For any business person this strategy requires fully understanding your clientele. Once you do this you will be able to know exactly how to price your retail packages.  As a reseller you will also know divide the different packages that you are offering.  It is always important to offer packages in different sizes so as to ensure that you are having a wider market.

The reseller only needs to focus on the marketing strategy.  The reseller panel service provider apps as the main host.  This means that any functions related to the products is serviced by them.  As such they will take care of any maintenance upgrades administration and other functions related to the service.  Since this functions are taken care of the reseller can be able to focus on marketing. Marketing requires a strategy that targets your niche clients effectively. When engaging a good service provider they will also give some training on sales and marketing for the product. This gives you a head start if you are new in the reselling business. The marketing strategy also works well when your reseller panel service provider offers good products and services.

Ability to conduct other businesses – reseller panels’ resells can be done as a side hustle allowing you to explore other sources of income. This is necessary especially if you are starter and still not able to maximize profits. It is however important to explore it further and make sure that you maximize the profits as this will earn you more. Training offered by service providers is essential. You can also look up training videos online. Profit maximization is also achieved when you have a marketing strategy that is effective. You will be able to spend less time on it and earn more. You can also hack this by selling to other reseller who want smaller packages. This is effective as you will be able to sell more. However the profit margins on this may be smaller as compared to selling to end users.