A Guide to help you get Started in the Reseller Hosting Business

News 07:02 February 2023:

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If you are thinking of investing your money in the reseller panel business, then you will definitely need to understand how to start up, the returns you should expect from your investment, the downside of this type of business and the chances of expansion that the industry avails.


An investor’s, first priority is to consider if a business idea they have in mind is viable. Well, if you are reading this, it means we are past the viability check and you want to know how to go about it.

Basically, a reseller panel business entails buying disk space and bandwidth from a hosting company in bulk then redistributing to your customers at a profit. You get to manage your customers yourself by the use of a tool called panel for reseller. The tool assists you to answer to your customers’ queries, avail disk space to your clients, and advertise your business using your own trademark and name.


With this tool, your customers will never know that you are a reseller since you will be handling them yourself. Your hosting company will keep their distance and only contact your customers through you.


So, what do you need to get you going as a reseller panel?


Choose the reseller hosting plan


Choosing the reseller hosting plan among the many sellers should be your topmost priority. Your hosting company will determine a lot on how well your business will perform. Your first concern should be the hosting company’s privacy terms.


Your web-hosting provider should provide 100% privacy policy. This is because customers hate buying hosting services from resellers for fear of poor services. They should be using an anonymous host domain name for their servers. They should give you different IP addresses to register the name of your servers so that your customers will never know that you are a reseller.


Ensure your provider is credible and you have several people you can trust who can vouch for their services. Look for customer reviews online and see their comments about their experience with the firm. Negative comments will always be there but shouldn’t pass the 10% of the overall comments.

Avoid the cheapest web hosting plans

Don’t let the desire to save some money ruin your investment plan. There are thousands of web hosting firms promising top-notch services at very low prices. Always go for quality. Some of them have positive comments that are biased opinions intended to earn the writer a commission.

Test the services yourself to be sure that they can keep their word. Check whether the customer support is functional and if it’s available 24/7. Check whether they avail live chat as an option to communicate with them. Assess all of these services to be sure that your customers will not have downtimes.


Use a Corporate Billing System


For your business to look more professional, using a corporate billing system that is automatic will help you ease the process of supporting your customers. This can easily be incorporated in your panel for reseller tool.

You can’t be available 24/7 hence the importance of having the automated service. It will be activating your clients’ orders within minutes, even if you aren’t available.


This is a worthy investment and it’s worth your money. Once you get started as a reseller panel, the returns will be awesome. You can do it as a part-time hustle or even as a full time job.

Bulk SMS reseller Panel

For most businesses, sms is an effective way of communicating with current registered clients. It allows for communication to be delivered individually. It also assured the business person that the message will get o the intended clients. SMS’ are useful in instances where the company wishes to inform clients of any new development or any offers that may apply to the specific clients. Other than that, it is a good customer service tool that allows the business to reply to client concerns and queries. It is however a costly endeavour especially where a company uses normal rates applied to sms’.  As a reseller using reseller panels, this provides a niche to fill. This is especially as the case as reselling allows you to provide smaller packages for smaller businesses and companies that need bulk sms services.

Choosing to resell bulk sms’ is a good option for anyone because of the numerous benefits for clients resulting in a wider market availability. These include;

Complete package – having an in-house sms platform developed could be expensive for small businesses. Also due to expenses, some features may not be included thus reducing functionality and effectiveness of the sms sent by the business. Panel for reseller bulk sms packages often come as a complete package offering a variety of features. This makes it easy to use and is more cost effective. Using sms as a marketing strategy or a way to communicate with clients requires having access to a wide variety of functions so as to ensure the strategy is effective.

In depth training – Part of the advantages of engaging panel for reseller bulk sms services is due to the training given. This ensures that as a reseller you fully understand the product functionalities and the clients do as well. This is especially effective when clients are small business who may not have full knowledge of complex technologies. An in-depth training makes it easy for clients to use the service. It is also beneficial to the reseller as you also get marketing and sales training allowing you to reach a wider client base.

Customer support – The reseller panel packages are provided with customer support services. This is beneficial to you as a reseller and to your clients as they are able to get support on the bulk sms they get from you. Customer support is essential as it allows for clients to get verifications at any time.

As a reseller, the bulk sms reseller panel is a good fit as it has more selling capabilities. For example, you do not have to sell only to end use clients. You could resell to other resellers who do not have the capability to buy the same quantity of bulk sms that you purchase. You could also sell to individuals who use a lot of sms in a day or even the smallest of retailers. In essence, you are exposed to a wider niche as compared to other packages. It also does not require high tech from your clients for you to sell.