Benefits of Twitter Polls

Twitter polls are a genius way to expand your reach in the platform. Anyone who frequently uses twitter has come across various polls from a number of their followers. One good thing about them is that the content is not limited. One can conduct a poll on twitter about any subject under the sun as long as it adheres to twitters terms and conditions. This makes it a good platform to get views on various subjects. The feature is advantageous for all clientele including corporates, social media influencers and anyone who runs a business online. It also works well for tweeps who are looking to improve their online presence as individuals.

Some of the advantages include;

  1. Find new people with similar interests to follow – When you follow people that you have similar interests with on twitter, it makes it easy to get content. This is because, whenever you follow such people, their content will always appear on your timeline. This is achieved through twitter polls where one uses a hashtag with their polls. Once people share it, you will get more people participating in the polls as well as replying to the hashtag to further elaborate their opinion to the poll. This makes it easy to get to people who you have similar interests. You can then follow them and easily grow your account and profile.
  2. Get insights and tips from followers – Twitter polls are also advantageous as they elicit responses from participants. Even if the questions in the polls are closed questions, followers can still utilise the reply option and voice their opinions or diverge more on what they think about the topic. This allows you as the creator of the poll to get more tips. For example, if you run a business and the poll asks voters to choose which product they prefer, you may get replies suggesting on ways you can improve on the product. For others, you may get alternatives to the options you have provided in the poll thus giving you more insights on the topic.
  3. Opportunity to engage –The main purpose of social media is to engage with people all over the globe even without prior physical interaction. Twitter polls advances this feature by providing more ways for people to find a common ground and engage. This makes it easy to get people with similar opinions engaging under one tweet. Depending on the topic, the engaging often breeds learning opportunities as people share facts and knowledge with each other.
  4. Build goodwill – This is mainly for people looking to build their profile. It requires strategy and targeting the right people. You use the poll to ask a specific person or specific group of people a question based on their interests. It is also a good way to start an engagement with a particular person. For this to be effective, the question require to be well thought out and not just manufactured ones. Once you get their attention, you can proceed with the conversation from there.

All About Twitter Polls

Since the inception of twitter, the site has continuously been one of the most amazing social media sites ever to be invented. As a matter of fact, not many sites have been able to have establish a great brand name more than how twitter has been able to do it. The thrill that twitter creates in linking up people in more than one form has excited people and as a result, many people have continued to sign up for new accounts so that they can be able to be part of the whole experience. In so doing, twitter has become a basic form of communication for most people and its role in linking up and connecting people across the whole world has seemed very instrumental.

Twitter has a microblogging feature which allows people to share tweets. This began just as the basic concept of twitter which gave its users the opportunity to tweet to the member of their social circle in a bid to establish a communication channel by sharing thoughts, views and opinions on the various pertinent issues across the whole world or what is happening locally. It formed a very instrumental platform of finding out the opinion of the general public about certain issues.

Over the years, the site underwent a couple of developments which included ranking hashtags and favorites to determine the popular poll. In as much as it proved quite ideal, it was still not very efficient as many people wanted it to be because it was difficult to determine the key inner details of the question at hand. It is for this reason therefore that twitter recently came up with a new development, a feature known as twitter polls. It was a very fresh idea and would later prove very instrumental to any twitter user after it was launched.

So when you are trying to find out people’s opinion on a couple of things, twitter is the best platform for you to get your answers. With the use of twitter polls, you can easily get what people, or rather how exactly people feel about a certain issue or what they think of the current happenings. The questions asked on twitter polls are not limited and so you can base it on politics, fashion, sports, entertainment and even general knowledge. You could even seek help from your followers for instance how to name your pet or something. It is quite thrilling if you would ask me and you can be amazed by the responses you will get.

This feature was welcomed with a very high regard by twitter users and it has proven to be a very unique but still vital feature for twitter. Twitter polls are easy to create and edit, so you need not worry that you will struggle when you create them. The best thing about it is that within 24 hours, you will be able to just know how your question faired and the general opinion of the public. This way, you are able to connect and link up with very many people across the world and in so doing, you might as well make friends.






5 ways to make money on Instagram

When you think of Instagram and how much it has grown in popularity since it was launched, then you surely will agree with me that social media holds a great deal of potential that is yet to be exploited.

With only a handful workforce, Instagram set up shop not so long ago as an image sharing app. The app gave a chance for users to quench their thirst for visual form of socialization. It was a sweet spot and people started noticing it.

Then one day the owner of facebook Mr. Zuckerberg decided to buy Instagram at a cost of one billion dollars.

Today, Instagram is among the top 10 ranked social media sites in terms of popularity. There are currently more than 150 million active Instagram users who are posting close to 500 million photos and videos every single day. this has attracted almost every famous celebrity, politician, top-notch marketers and mega businesses world over.


The latest news from Instagram that they are going to add more features that will allow targeted advertisements that show up on Instagram user’s photo feed. This is good news for those users who would like to monetize their Instagram accounts with paid ads.


This means more money on those popular Instagram users including businesses as they will get more leads to their businesses. Apart from the quest to gain more popularity, this is another great reason to buy Instagram likes and increase your account’s popularity rating.


Check out the tips below on how to turn those great visuals into profits.


Concentrate on building strong followership


Success in social media marketing is entirely dependent on the count of your followers. Both the number of likes and followers count when gauging the rate of engagement that an account attracts. For instance, lets take there are two Instagram users, one with 300,000 followers and 1000 likes and another with 200,000 followers and 100,000 likes. When these figures are subjected to the Instagram algorithms, the second user is deemed to have a greater engagement rate than the first one despite having a fewer number of followers.


In terms of monetizing the accounts, marketers would choose the second user’s account for advertisements. This shows just how much adding the count of likes to what you already have means. You can buy Instagram likes and make your account be up for grab by marketers.


Quality visuals


If there is one area in Instagram that you should strive for perfection is in creating powerful and awe-inspiring images. Instagram still retains its primary purpose of sharing beautiful photos.


Nothing will have your audiences’ attention captured more than a thrilling photo. It will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal to monetize your account. Research shows that 90% of accounts with huge following have perfected the art of crafting inspiring photos. A good example is Ronaldo, despite being a successful football player he posts great images that inspire his followers in a great way.

You probably are wondering, ‘do I need to join photojournalism class to sharpen my skill’? my take is no.

There are so many ways that you can use to perfect your skills one is conducting an online research. You can google how to create impressive Instagram images and you will have a variety of rich information to enlighten you.


Secondly, consider hiring an expert who understands social media marketing more than you do. They are so many of them out there and you only need to contact one and be ready to part with some cash. Just like buying Instagram likes, hiring an expert is also a worthy investment that can earn you good returns.


Ensure you provide the link to your blog habitually

It’s very crucial as far as monetizing your Instagram account to provide links to your blog as well as product links. The fact that currently, Instagram does not support clickable site links, it’s therefore important that you do this.


Also for every video or photo that you share, ensure to include the link where they can buy the advertised product if interested. After all, it would be pointless going all the way from creating great content to attract a good following, investing your time and funds probably in hiring a marketing expert or buying Instagram like, only to miss out on your target for failure to direct your customers with a link.


Utilize the video feature

The dynamism in the world of social media knows no boundary. There is always something new in this industry and with it comes even great opportunities. Lately, Instagram introduced a new feature that allows users to make a 15-second video and share. This new feature is increasing engagement rates and therefore an ideal option to use when monetizing your account.


If a picture can attract a following in millions, think of how much a video can do. It’s all a matter of creativity. Come up with a video that explains to your fans why they need to try out the product that you are marketing. Similarly, you can showcase a fast-paced video of you using the product in a way that will appeal to your followers to buy the product.


There is actually no limit to what you can achieve with a 15-second video. Just be creative enough and you will see your account make money for you.


Involve your followers


Your fans are the heartbeat of your account, so don’t let the conversation be always about you. Involve your audience in a creative fan way that will deviate from the agenda of marketing your product.


You can ask your followers to submit their photos with your product and share the best photo in your account. Many followers will be willing to endorse your product in return for only a small recognition from you.


Eventually, your product will gain a bigger recognition and acceptance since your fans will feel like they know the product better and can identify with it.


It’s all about how creative you can get to make your product sell. However, it all boils down to how many people can see your advert and campaign. It will be easy for you if you first ensure you have a big following. When you buy Instagram likes, you are assured that the visibility of your account will increase hence attract a good number of following that will allow you to concentrate on ways to inspire them to buy your product.


host contests


Contests and campaigns work perfectly. Offer exclusive promotional deal for a limited time and keep on updating the contest as time goes by to keep the spirits high. Mention time is running out and encourage your fans to get in the contest urgency works miracles!

Ask your followers to tag a friend to get their name in the contest. There are countless ways that you can do this and get people talking about your product hence increasing sales.

Social media marketing is even getting better and bigger. Currently, there are people who earn a couple of thousands of dollars by just monetizing their social sites. Buy Instagram likes and get the ball rolling today. Start increasing the count of your followers and soon enough you will be making money with your fan page.

Sometimes you may fear to invest in buying Instagram likes, but it’s also wise to weigh the benefits that come with it. lots of exposure and have your content go viral. Don’t hesitate to buy Instagram likes and start enjoying the sweet returns soon enough.